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COVID-19: About our current situation

Date: June 15, 2021

... even though the pleasing development of incidence values in our region makes us hopeful:

Please be prepared for longer delivery times
and price adjustments from July 2021!

The Corona pandemic has caused us all a great deal of trouble in recent months, but fortunately the situation is gradually improving. On the other hand, the supply and price situation for many indirect raw materials and products is currently deteriorating dramatically. At the same time, customer demand has risen sharply within a short space of time. The increase of the demand from a high number of our customers, both domestic and foreign, has affected almost all of our products. The global pandemic, the consequences of Brexit, the blockade of the Suez Canal, the booming Asian economy, and a lack of freight capacities combined with the latent shortage of skilled workers are all contributing significantly to the intensification of the supply situation.

Thanks to our traditionally extensive stockholding, our long-term material planning and the great commitment of our purchasing team, we have been able to handle this development to a large extent. However, we will no longer be able to do so in the second half year of 2021. From July 2021, we will only be able to obtain indirect raw material at increased prices on a broad front.
Therefore, the adjustment of our sales prices as of 01.07.2021 is inevitable. This was a difficult decision, however, the current market situation forced us to take this step. In the following days, you will receive from us updated lists with the new pricing conditions that are valid for you.

An easing of the supply situation is not to be expected in the short term. On the one hand, the replenish­ment time for our indirect raw materials is becoming longer and more uncertain. In addition, the short-term increase in our own production capacity is only possible to a limited extent. In order to avoid a further aggravation of delivery times, please do not send us any orders that exceed your actual requirements. We reserve the right to reduce delivery quantities or to propose alternative products in individual cases, so that we can ensure adequate supply to all customers. We are talking intensively with our customers in order to obtain the best possible market analysis by the end of 2021. This is where you can help us with meaningful forecasts. Unplanned and unexpected requirements are particularly difficult to implement.

It is impossible to predict whether and when the market will return to normal. It is certainly better to assume that the bottleneck will last for some time, since not only the refrigeration industry but almost all sectors of the economy are affected to a considerable extent. As always in difficult times, the only way to master the tasks ahead is through joint cooperation and mutual understanding.

Date: March 26, 2020

After the current interruption of the production lines in Italy:

It goes on … we are able to supply you!

After verifying our current availability of raw material, we see that we are nearly able to deliver all customer orders we received up to now from our stock or our running production. Facing our stock, we will be able to run our production for most of our products for the next tree month. We will inform you personally, if this is not true for your ordered products. We expect that the situation of availability of raw material will ease again in the foreseeable time.
Our capacity in production is a little bit restricted by our current situation concerning our staff.
Delays concerning the delivery date are possible. Please consider this facing your scheduling.
For new orders we will check whether it is possible to deliver in time and quantity.
Our attention will be, to make sure that installed systems could be kept running.
Please avoid ordering bigger quantities than seriously necessary.
In case of orders with big quantities we possibly can only confirm part quantities.

Date: March 18, 2020

We are there for you as before!

… and we like to inform you about our current situation:

Handling the Corona Virus: We have taken various actions to improve the hygiene-status of our company.
All departments / shifts have been separated as much as possible.

Ability to supply: Our stock availability is good condition for all essential products and it will stay for the near future. We purchase our raw material only in Europe and all expected deliveries (even from Italy) reached us in time up to now. Only transport takes more time than usual. Our philosophy has always been to keep big stock for raw material and also for finished products. This helps us in the current situation. So far as possible we have increased our stock. Production is running normal.

Reachability: You can reach all your concerned contacts in our company via e-mail or using the well known telephone contacts. Some employees are working in home-office equipped with technical devices to operate as in office.
Please appreciate that our reachability could be a little bit restricted. Best use e-mail for getting in contact.

Best wishes and stay healthy!


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