ESK-NEWS 09.15: More increased pressure limits, and more performance – New in our sales program: ESK Oil level regulator series ERM5"
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Noch höhere Druckgrenzen, mehr Leistung - ESK-Ölspiegelregulatoren der Serie ERM5: Jetzt neu im Programm:

Coming soon:
New ESK Oil level regulator series ERM5

in 1999 we started the sale of our first generation of optoelectronic oil level regulators and level controls. We are proud to present you our 5th generation of this product class which incorporates improved features.
⇒ NEW:  Due to the application of more powerful solenoid valves, our oil level regulators are approved for pressure differences of 1.5 bar up to 100 bar now. The maximum working pressure up to the solenoid valve is 130 bar. The main body connected to the compressor is approved for 60 bar or 130 bar (type: ERM5-CDH). The main dimensions and all connectors remain unchanged.

Developed for frequency controlled compressors

The importance of frequency controlled compressors for modern refrigeration systems is increasing. Frequency controlled compressors have variable oil carry over rates. With the types ERM5-OC-FU* and ERM5-0-BC-FU* we offer new versions, which recognize if the oil carry over exceeds to oil return from the oil management system. This is signalized by a relay contact which can be evaluated by the system control. Therefore it is possible to reduce the compressor frequency for period of time. By using this method it is possible to increase the operational safety considerably.          (* available from 01.2016)  

Our new oil level regulator series ERM5 at a glance

Typ ERM5-0-BC  Typ ERM5-0-BC
Compressor conn.: 3/4-bolt-flange
Typ ERM5-OC   
threaded conn.: 1.1/8"-18 UNEF

Technical data
Max. allow. working pressure of the unit:type ERM5-..60 bar      
type ERM5-CDH-..130 bar
Working pressure difference oil return: 1,5 … 100 bar
Max. allowable working pressure
up to the solenoid valve:
130 bar
Oil refill cycles: filling / measuring 5 sec / 10 sec

… of course all other advantages
of the ESK regulator family will remain:

  • Approved for a wide variety of refrigerants including R290 and R600a
  • High control accuracy due to multi point measurement
  • An integrated 230 V power supply
  • All components like solenoid valve, electronic module and connectors of the selected product type are already factory mounted (”plug and play“)
  • Changeable oil filling ratio for special working conditions via a programming key
  • Modular design for an easy failure analysis and an economical repair
  • For all common compressors adapters are available.

Available from 10.2015.

Fur further information, please refer the new data sheets Operating instructions ERM5, on our website we provide you to download the 3-D files (.sat) and customer's drawings. Our application engineers will be pleased to advise and support you personally.

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